Contacting IALEP

You can contact IALEP by phone, mail, or email. If you need immediate assistance we encourage you to contact the Association office or any of the Association officers listed below. The association officer's email addresses have been moved to the members only section of the website due to proliferating spam attacks.  If you are a member you can access these addresses by following the link.  Non members are encouraged to contact the association office for assistance.

Association Mailing Address

International Association of Law Enforcement Planners
PO Box 11437
Torrance, CA 90510-1437

Association Office

Contact the office for membership, conference, planner course, and other questions.

Denise Thurston, Office Manager
(310) 225-5148
Email the IALEP Office

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Board Members and Appointed Positions

IALEP Repository Mailing Address

IALEP Repository
1125 S. Locust Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
Email the Repository

Association Officers

Teresa J. Bowling, Police Officer   BIO
Columbus Division of Police
Columbus, OH, USA
614-645-4932 office; 614-309-1777 cell
FAX 614-645-0921
Email the President
Executive Vice President
Margaret Gloade, Strategic Planner   BIO
Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS)
Cambridge, ON, Canada
519-570-9777 x8715 office; 519-497-3451 cell
FAX 519-650-8551
Email the Executive Vice President
Staff Vice President
Elizabeth G. (Beth) Morton, Budget Technician   BIO
Athens-Clarke Co. Police Department
Athens, GA, USA
706-613-3888 x241 office; 706-215-2265 cell
FAX 706-613-3860
Email the Staff Vice President
Past President
William (Will) Werner, Police Planner II   BIO
St. Louis Metropolitan Police Dept.
St. Louis, MO, USA
FAX 314-444-5514
Email the Past President
Maria Garcia-Cunningham, Planning Manager   BIO
Albuquerque Police Department
Albuquerque , NM, USA
505-768-2186 office; 505-934-2018 cell
FAX 505-768-2324
Email the Secretary
Will Davis, Director   BIO
Scottsdale Police Department
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
480-312-1970 office; 480-235-4615 cell
FAX 480-312-1969
Email the Treasurer
Repository Director
Todd Stoker, Police Officer/Project Officer   BIO
Kansas City MO PD
Kansas City, MO, USA
FAX 816-889-6064
Email the Repository Director
Training and Certification Coordinator
Barry Horrobin, Director   BIO
Windsor Police Service
Windsor, ON, Canada
519-255-6700 x4471
FAX 519-255-9880
Email the Training and Certification Coordinator
Conference Coordinator
Sanjena Clay, Division Manager   BIO
Palm Beach Co. Sheriff's Office
West Palm Beach, FL, USA
FAX 561-688-3559
Email the Conference Coordinator
Tiffany Anderson, Planning & Research Analyst
Chandler Police Department
Chandler, AZ, USA
FAX 480-782-4086
Email the Webmaster

Last update 01/25/14